Stage Pin connectors, power distribution equipment and emergency transfer systems for the entertainment industry.

Since 1929 Union Connector has designed and built electrical power distribution equipment and wiring devices that provide power distribution solutions for theatres, schools, convention centers, house of worship, carnivals, sound stages, photography studios, film locations, restaurants and multi-purpose spaces. Our engineering expertise and vertical integration are why we are the leading manufacturer and innovator of electrical power distribution equipment in this industry. Customers know that these qualities, combined with our products’ Underwriters Laboratories ( UL ) Listing, mean they will receive the best equipment available to meet their specific application. The products we¬†manufacture include PBS PolyBox company switches, UC700 emergency dimmer bypass units, DistroBox portable power distribution boxes, GCP generator connection panels, COB cam outlet boxes, 20-2P&G ( Bates ) stage pin wiring devices, connector strips, patch panels, outlet boxes and cable assemblies. In addition to our vast array of products, we are also a tier 1 distributor of NEMA, pin & sleeve and multi-pin wiring devices.